Learn Tagalog – Podcast: Elementary – At the KTV. Huwag kang makulit!


Filipinos love to sing, that’s why there’s a million KTV hotspots around the Metro. Some are family-oriented, some are for friends looking for a good-time, and some are for those lonely folk looking for a “good-time”. Go where you want, we here in Kspeak won’t judge you, just as long as you learn the language. Cris and Mickey lower the volume of the screeching tunes of the neighboring KTV-fest and get down with the grammar. Jovitt joins in and belts a tune of his own. Dialogue: A: Ang galing ko kumanta! Ikaw naman! B: Ayoko! A: Sige na! Kanta ka na! B: Ayoko nga eh! A: Sige na! Isang kanta lang! B: Huwag kang makulit! A: I sing so well! Your turn! B: I don’t want to! A: Come on! Sing! B: I told you I don’t want to! A: Come on! Just one song! B: Stop pestering me! Wanna learn how to boast more about your good skills? Get the supplementary PDF here! Mickey and Cris were guests on SpanishPod’s ¿Que Pasa? show! (They flew all the way to Shanghai to meet their idols!) Hear them tell the story of the man, whose last song was Frank Sinatra’s My Way! SpanishPod is a language learning podcast founded by Praxis Language, Ltd. It was selected by Best Life Magazine as one of the Top Ten Best Podcasts on the Internet. This innovative teaching tool, together with another Praxis creation ChinesePod, serves as the inspiration and model of KalyeSpeak when it started this March 2008. — Our Music: “Grabeng Pag-ibig” by The Itchyworms and “My Way” by Frank Sinatra And if you really want to know what Rodolfo was singing, it’s “25 Minutes” by the legendary Michael Learns to Rock. Less

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